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September 25, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy has amazing experiences while teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, helps build another restaurant and prepares for Zone Conference
"This week has been another AMAZING week here on the mission!  Elder Cherd and I just finished helping the Relief Society President build her restaurant..haha....I'm becoming an accomplished Thai Restaurant builder.."

"We have had some really cool experiences while teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ here in Udon this past week!  At the beginning of the week, we went inviting out of the city.  It was kind of crazy because we met some really interesting people......Anyway, we had an amazing experience with an older man by the name of Brother Jaroon who runs an apartment building and has a passion for plants and reading books.   We struck up a conversation with him by telling him that we had the best book ever for him to read called, 'The Book of Mormon.'  Even though he was really busy, he was very nice and seemed excited to get the book.  He told us he didn't have much time to talk right then but would be happy to meet with us later.  So we made an appointment for later in the week and continued on our way."
"When we went back to his house to meet with him, Brother Jaroon and his family were doing great.  As we began teaching, we quickly realized that Brother Jaroon had already read to the Book of Helaman and had MADE CHAPTER SUMMARIES IN HIS OWN WORDS FOR EVERY CHAPTER!  I was in awe.....not only had he  read that far, but he also had a great understanding of what he had read.  So, we shared a scripture with him in 1 Nephi where Nephi, "likens the scriptures unto himself."  He got a big kick out of that.....it was an INCREDIBLE experience!  I LOVE it when people really want to find out the truth and put forth this kind of effort to read and pray......this kind of diligence always brings true conversion!"
"To make this week even better, we had a COMPLETE miracle with our investigators, Naam, Faa and Khao.  They have had soooooo many doubts while learning the gospel.  We met with them twice this past week.  During the first lesson, we asked if they had received an answer from God yet?  Sister Faa began telling us that she had had an amazing experience of, 'feeling light,' when she prayed to know if what we had been teaching her was true.  Sister Naam just interrupted her and told here that, 'that was just science and that everyone feels that when they close their eyes.'  
This is Naam and Faa with the Elders helping them invite people to listen to the gospel message at the market.  "They invited 20+ people!!  It was AWESOME!"

"We really bore testimony to her of receiving answers to prayers.  That gave Sister Faa comfort in knowing that she had received an answer to her prayer.  But....Naam was still very doubtful.  I asked her if a small child had ever asked her 'why' a million times?  She said she had.  I told her that that was me when I was a child and that sometimes I refused to believe or accept an answer when it was given to me.'  I then asked her how many times had a child asked her a question, then she had given them the answer, but they would not believe her?  She admitted that that had happened to her many times.  We then opened the Book of Mormon to Moroni 10 where it says that, 'you must pray with real intent through FAITH in Christ,' to receive an answer.  MEANING...ACTION!  We told her she must do something to get an answer.  We left challenging her to read the Book of Mormon, then pray with real intent.  We promised her that if she would do that, she would get an answer.  A couple of days went by.....we met with them again.  This lesson went much different!  Sister Naam had had a dream.....it was a very complicated dream.....but in summary, she received her answer!"

"Earlier in the week, we invited a man to learn English.  He works very close to our home and we thought that seeing the missionaries EVERY day might spark some interest?  Nope!  Turns out, he is very much ANTI-white people!  He told me to go back to my country....I really didn't think much about it at the time.  He had never yelled at us like that before....But, Saturday night we were riding home and passed by his shop.  As we made eye contact, he just became really angry!  In a drunken rage, he grabbed a couple of beer/gas bottles he had in front of him and began throwing them at was as we biked by!  It was a good thing he was drunk and we are physically fit!  We weren't in too much danger, but we called the cops on him.
"This is the BIGGEST rubber ducky I have EVER seen!" lolol

"This last Monday, our church here in Udon was on the national Thai news.  Apparently, a crazy homeless guy came into the church and began harassing some members, went into the bathroom and tore it all up......the members captured him and tied him up to the light pole in the parking lot, then called the police! hahaha....When they called the police, his description matched that of a serial killer that was loose in the area!  It was CRAZY.....The Thai version of SWAT showed up to the church to take the homeless guy out!  It was all over the news.  One of our poor investigators named Bing was in the church at the time picking up some bananas he had left there the previous Sunday.....it scared him to death....hahaha.  He thought they were there for him.  Needless to say, the homeless man was taken to jail, then released two days ago.  He CAME back to the church as soon as they let him go....and who were the only ones at the church?  The young women having their weekly activity!  They immediately called us to come get rid of him!  I quickly called the police, then we hopped on our bikes and raced over to the church.  The police actually recognized my voice!  It was the third time this week I had had to call them.....they seemed a little bit annoyed with me....hahaha."
"Nope.....I don't ever ask what kind of bug they are feeding me.....I don't want to know what they are actually called, what they do when they are alive, what their purpose is, etc...hahaha!  I will just tell you this....in general, BUGS DO NOT TASTE GOOD....I just close my eyes and eat them.  These bugs in the picture kind of taste like potato chips with goo inside...."

"Zone Conference is this week.  We are busy preparing for it.  We will be teaching out of 'Preach My Gospel,' Chapter 10 entitled, 'How Can I Improve My Teaching Skills.'   We have really been thinking a lot about less active members and how we can help them become active again.  We are finding that if we serve them and try our best to have the Holy Ghost with us so they can feel him as well as help them feel needed and wanted, they are more likely to come back.  Most of the time, less active members here in Thailand just don't understand how important it is that they attend church."
This is Elder Cherd and Jesse with the guy who cuts their hair......"yea, I am attempting new ways to cut and do my hair.  I don't think this one works for me.....hahahaha...too poofy on top!"

"Well momma!  I have to go for now!  THANK YOU FOR all that you do.  I love you and Dad!  I hope you have a great week and I'll make sure and do the same."  

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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