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September 4, 2016

Brother Num gets baptized!
Elder Cherdchayaphum, Brother Num and Elder Jesse Bundy just before the baptism.

"Hello everyone!  It's been another really GREAT week her in Udorn Thailand!  Brother Num is just awesome!  He has changed so much in such a short period of time.  He found one of my inviting cards just lying on the street and felt like he needed to come to church.  He has read the Book of Mormon with real intent and prayed to know the truth.  He received his testimony and wanted to be baptized immediately!  The members were SO great in fellowshipping him and giving him a second family at church.  This past week, we have spent a lot of time with him in helping him prepare for his baptism......It has been SO great!"
"It was an AWESOME baptism!"
"I am sending you a lot of pictures this week.  We will be leaving early today to go with Brother Dang and his family to some mountain, or something for his son's birthday....I won't have pictures from that outing until next week.  It should be a lot of fun.  Brother Dang is the one who got baptized several weeks ago."

"This is us eating dinner with Sister Laan and her family.  It was delicious!!"

"Every year, a certain number of people at the local University are nominated for getting good grades.  Then, those people who are nominated have a huge event for competing in certain categories, i.e., looks, talent and skills.  My friend, Brother Go totally won!  Now he is going to Bangkok on some crazy scholarship to fill an internship position.  It was crazy....he showed me his video of his competition and it was just nuts....this is him..."
"This is Brother Go, the one that won the big contest at the University....."

"These next couple of pictures are of Branch President Golf and his son, Gate.  He is such a great guy and his son is so adorable!  He has such a strong testimony and he helps us out a lot."
 "Just look at that face!!!"

"This is Brother Wat, one of our investigators we loving spending time with and teaching."

 "I totally LOVE finding people on the streets to talk to about the gospel!  I meet so many different and interesting people.  The next several pictures are of some of the random people we met while out finding the other day..."
 "These pictures are just random people we met on the street while we were finding...they were kind enough to pose for a picture with us....hahaha.  The guy in the one above is of a real Thai airman.."
 "He wasn't interested, but was all to happy to take a picture with us...hahaha."

"Monday night, we had Family Home Evening with Brother Bik, one of our favorite people."

"This is another one of our investigators, Brother Jack.  He is doing really well with the lessons..."

"This is where we get our hair cut....love my Thai hair cuts, lol."

"So....the other day, the sun looked like this?  I thought it was the second coming or something....lolol." 
"But, Elder Cherd explained to me that when the sun is centered with us, it's hot enough to turn the clouds around it into rainbows!"
"I was still freaked out!  These pictures are pretty great, but really....you should have seen it in person!"

 This is Elder Cherd and me finding, stopping everyone and anyone in the street that will talk to us about the gospel of Jesus Christ...I AM LOVING MY MISSION!"

Jesse contemplating the meaning of life...hahaha.  He and his companion were boarding their flight for Bangkok when he took a moment to pose for a picture.
 "Here we are on the plane flying down to Bangkok for MLC...good times!"
This picture was taken last week at the Mission Leadership Counsel meeting with Elder Funk.
"This is one of my really good friends in the Mission, Elder Lindley.  I got to catch up with him at MLC."
"Elder Cherdchayaphum showing off his new go pro, a gift from a friend."

"Well....I hope my letter in pictures was good for this week.  Just know Mom, I have a strong testimony....I am SO thankful to be out here serving the people of Thailand.  I am seeing spectacular miracles on a daily basis and I feel so lucky....not to mention that my testimony is growing stronger and stronger every single day!  I am learning so much.  Tell everyone that I love them...I'll talk to you next week."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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