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October 10, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy gets transferred to a new area with new companion, Elder Rogers
Elder Rogers, new investigators - EM and Dtoon - and Elder Jesse Bundy

"Hey Mom, I'm doing great.....I moved!!  I'm a Zone Leader in a place called Laadgrabang.  It is the very southeastern part of Bangkok, about a 2 hour taxi ride from the mission home.  My new companion's name is Elder Rogers.   He's from California and is a lot of fun to be around.  He only has two transfers left and then he is headed for home.  I'm senior companion because I've been a ZL longer.  We are going to work great together."

"So yea....I thought I might stay in Udorn, but I'm excited about the opportunities here.  I'll miss Udorn for sure.  So many great people there....but I can't wait to make good friends here and hopefully, start baptizing soon in this area.  Laadgrabang is quite the challenge......we live an hour from the church, teach lessons at our house, take taxis instead of bikes and it's difficult to street contact because we get kicked out of everywhere!  Difficult, but an AWESOME challenge and one I am looking forward to going to work with Rogers to figure out what the Lord wants us to do here......"

"So, no more riding a bike....I stored my bike back at the mission office.  I'm gonna miss riding the bike....and, no I haven't received the package you sent yet.  We will be going back to the office next week for MLC and I think it'll be there by then.  The missionary work here has been very slow.  They haven't baptized anyone in this zone for a long while.  Hopefully, Rogers and I will be able to change that right up.... For the past 8 months, I have been speaking Eisan, which NO ONE speaks here.  Even though the first couple of days of my speaking clear, proper Thai was a little rough, it has come back to me really well.....and, a few times, we have come across contacts that are speaking Laotian or Eisan and they totally LOVE that I can join in with them....there's not that big of a difference between the two languages...mainly tonal and a few words here and there..."

"Our zone is quite large.  It spans across all of eastern Bangkok and we have around 36 missionaries.  We are also opening a new area called Chonburi.  It will be the furthest south in Thailand missionaries have ever been sent!  So that is exciting, even though I am a bit surprised.  That city is known as 'sin city,' (you can imagine what's down there....anything goes)...so we better start repenting, hahaha.  I know it will open smoothly and do well because one of my good friends in the mission, Elder Lindley, is being sent to open it up with a younger missionary.  Lindley is a really solid, obedient missionary."

"Sorry about no pictures this week!  It has been CRAZY busy with the move, new area and everything.....I will do better next week.  On a personal note, I am working out really hard and watching my diet really close..  I am going to be ready to wrestle when I get home."

"There's not a bunch of time left.  Sorry this is really short...make sure Dad knows that I really love him and that he needs to keep on fighting!  Thanks for everything mom...I love you!  Tell the family I love and miss them too.  Talk to you next week..."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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