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October 17, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Rogers get organized and work hard to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with excitement in a new area 
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Rogers in Laadgabang Thailand contacting at the market 

"Hello everyone!  I'm doing great!  All is well here on the mission in Thailand.  My mission just keeps getting better and better.....Elder Rogers and I did switch-offs with 2 of our District Leaders, set some awesome goals, taught some great investigators and are sitting on 5 people with dates..."
Elder Jesse Bundy while doing switch-offs with a DL in another area

"We have set some really high goals and are determined to meet them....this area is a real challenge.  Yesterday, EVERYONE cancelled their appointments with us.  So we went contacting at a market for 6 hours.  We eventually got kicked out by security, but it was LOADS of fun and we found some success.  When we got home, I was SO tired!  What started out as a not so good day, turned out really awesome!"
Jesse has been missing his bike....hahaha....so he took a spin on this little beauty....

"The other day, raintsomeone from Sisaket while we were out inviting.  I had taught them while on switch-offs in another area.  Theare doing SO well and they live here!  It was so good to see them, AND they have a 17 year old son.  The Dad drives a taxi and the mom kind of has a few bad habits that I think with the Lord's help and continued gospel teaching, will turn her around and really help that family....."  
"This poisonous, I think, snake looking lizard thingy is just plain scary when they come at you unexpectedly....hahaha"

"My companion is hilarious!!  He keeps me laughing......We are getting our stride, becoming familiar with our area as well as the missionaries assigned  to our zone.  We are going to work hard to have the hardest working, best zone in the mission!"

"That's all I have for this week...hahaha....We have been so busy, just not so much to report on.  Anyway, I need to go for now.....just know that I am going to keep working really hard here, no matter what.  I'm loving my mission and I love teaching the gospel.  I love you so much and please send my love to the rest of the family....especially my Dadio!  I know he will get through this!!!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy      

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