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October 24, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Rogers teach kids at an elementary school, find success street contacting and visit the beach   
"Hi everyone!  The missionary work, here in the Bangkok East Zone, is going pretty good.  We are getting to work with some really great missionaries...... Things are moving a little slower in our area than I would like, but not because Rogers and I aren't working hard.  With our new goals and keeping the pace we're on, things should start picking up soon.....This past Sunday, I gave a talk on faith.  I told the story of Naaman out of the Old Testament.  I bore my testimony that faith requires action.....that it is simply a 'hope' unless we 'do' something about it....even when we don't know the whole reason why...."   
"I contacted a family man named O, (that's him in the picture below).  He sells roasted pig parts on the side of the road.  He is GREAT!  We taught him how to pray to know if God the Father and Jesus Christ are real or not....he is progressing really well and I love teaching him."  
"I didn't want to know what this was, I didn't ask....hahaha....thankfully, it tasted pretty good..."

"A street contact named brother Jump, turned out to be a golden investigator!  He is the father of two children and his wife is awesome.  He happens to be an elementary school teacher.  After teaching him about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ here upon the earth, he wanted to learn more and has expressed a desire to get baptized.  Even better yet....he invited us to teach some English and 'religion' to the children in his school!!!"  
"So we went and had an INCREDIBLE experience and a LOT of fun with the kids!  ALL of the children were super cute.....they listened with real intent to our message about the Savior and the spirit was SO strong!"
"After we taught the kids at school, Brother Jump invited us to teach him and his family about the Plan of Salvation....this was easily one of the best days ever!"

"Elder Rogers talked to a woman on the street named Vickey......she is extremely wealthy and completely fluent in English.  She invited us to her home to teach her the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  The spirit was SO strong while we were teaching that she cried during the lesson....She loved it!   She is super excited to learn more and share it with her husband.  They have a 1 1/2 year old son.....I LOVE teaching the gospel!...Here we are in her dining room...pretty sweet..."
"This last Friday, we went down to southern Thailand to the newly opened area to do switch-offs with the Elders there.  We had an AMAZING experience!  Because that area has never had missionaries before, the people are very curious and SO nice!  Inviting people to come unto Christ in that area is so fun and incredible....the missionary work is going to EXPLODE there.  It is SO exciting!  Elder Lindley and his companion are killing it!  They have some great investigators they are teaching and the BEACH is just right there.....we got to go see it and it is beyond beautiful!"

"I got a call from Sisaket today.  The missionaries told me that an investigator I taught while I was in that area just got baptized!!  It was such a miracle that we found her, let alone taught her.  I am SO happy and feel so lucky that I got to teach her and am beyond excited that she chose to get baptized!" 

"Here's Elder Rogers and I posing with several new friends we've met along the way while out street contacting....."
"No one messes with our friends....hahaha!!!!  We meet so many interesting people...."

"Some more of the people and sites around our area....Sometimes, street vendors turn out to be great investigators....." 
 "WOW....look at that baby sleeping so peacefully on a pallet?  The little kids over here are SO dang cute...They make me miss my nieces and nephews."
"We are going to a trampoline park today!  It's going to be a blast.....and yes, I will be careful.  Well, I really love you guys.  I pray for you in every prayer!  Hope Dad is feeling better....I hope he knows I'm with him 200%!"  

"I can't believe how fast time is just flying by.....Thanks for everything you do for me...I am SO grateful for this opportunity!  My testimony just keeps growing and growing.....I love you.....until next week.."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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