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October 4, 2016

Mission Leadership Conference in Udorn, great teaching moments testifying of Jesus Christ and
a fun karaoke contacting idea mark another week in Thailand for Elder Jesse Bundy 
President and Sister Johnson with the Bangkok Thailand Mission leadership for a conference in Udorn

"Hey!  We just finished up with Mission Leadership Conference yesterday.  It was in our area and we were hosting it......that means we made all of the arrangements for everyone, including food.  And.....wow! It was a doozy!  It was first scheduled for the 18th and 19th....so we put EVERYTHING together for those days.....then, they moved it to the next week...so we adjusted.  Then.....it got moved AGAIN...AND still moved a 4th time....hahaha!  It was alright....we figured it all out.  It was a great learning experience and I learned some great life skills.....we catered to 40 plus people in matter of a day....so that was good."
Pizza and wings for Mission Leadership Conference.  Two of Jesse's favorite foods!

"The conference was awesome!  We received SO much great information.  The overall conference focused on working on our teaching skills.  Elder Cherd's and my presentation was on the Holy Ghost and asking inspired questions....the AP's talked about teaching with faith and President and Sister Johnson spoke on using the scriptures while teaching.  It was really, really good."

A beautiful overall picture of Udorn

"It has just been a GREAT week!  The AP's scheduled to do switch-offs with us, but missed their flight.....we had a day full of appointments scheduled.   So....we ended up switching off with the other elders here in Udorn because we just had too many appointments for us to handle by ourselves."
Elder Cherd and Elder Jesse Bundy planning and studying in their study room

"We have had ups and downs with our investigators this week....even though it is disappointing, it's pretty normal.  Our investigator, Brother Jarroon, finished reading the Book of Mormon...he told us he knows it's true and has no doubt that if he prays about it, he will have a confirmation from God.....but at this time, he is not ready to commit....he asked us not to come by anymore."
Jesse meets some very interesting people while out contacting.  Here he meets a man on the street who tries to convince him he needs to leave America....hahaha.

"On the mission, you will have several disappointments with investigators, but that just means that the one you are suppose to find and teach is just right around the corner!  The other day, we invited a policeman who was EXTREMELY kind to us 2 weeks ago.  It turned out that he wasn't just any cop!  He was one of the head generals.  Anyway...we ran back into him this past Saturday and he wanted to talk with us!  We gladly did.....he bought us some lunch and we taught him and his wife.  They are GOLDEN!  They have 2 children and are so interested and want to continue to meet with us!"
Jesse and Elder Cherd having Family Home Evening with Brother Dang.

"Our investigator, Brother Bing from China, is progressing great. He has been praying and reading his Chinese Book of Mormon like a champ! He has begun to gain a testimony of the importance of commandments and wants to be baptized....I LOVE teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ!"
This is Elder Jesse Bundy with some members practicing to sing at a market for an activity while inviting.....

"We have an investigator that is really old and has a difficult time reading the Book of Mormon because of the small print.....soooooo, we made a HUGE copy at a print shop for them.....they were very grateful.."
"Here I am reading from the newly printed and bound Book of Mormon to one of our investigators, Brother Game."

"A few days ago, we were privileged to pass food out to people who need it at the hospital...it was a great activity and we met a lot of really great people."

"This week is transfers....I don't know what will happen.  I think I'll stay here, but I don't know.  If I do, it will be the first 4 transfer area, but I just don't know...."

"I have this banner hanging up in our study room.   I've had it for almost a year now and I hang it up everywhere I get transferred. SWOLL means big, like muscle wise, or extremely fit.  It is 'youngster slang,' hahaha.  I think it's English....nowadays, I don't know the difference from some Thai and English words, so I apologize if I get them confused."

"We were inviting near this market place.....we took a quick break to get a free massage!  This chair is AMAZING!!"

"I've been getting up nice and early and working out pretty hard to get some muscle and shape back.  I'm doing really great and being consistent.....I am really doing my best to keep a good balance of only concentrating on my future plans through my workouts early in the mornings....then I focus 100% on missionary work the rest of the day.  It's working really well for me so far.. I just need to step up my workouts.  They are getting too easy for me now."

"I found this Olympic ad the other day.  It sits on my desk as a little 'visual' reminder of my goals for after the mission."

"Just me shaving.....hahaha!"

"So the other day, one of the Elders needed a ride home, so I put him on my back like a backpack and rode home like that....hahaha!"

"Well momma!  We have to be going now.  We are going to a planetarium.  It sounds like it should be some fun.  Next P-Day will fall on the normal Monday as usual.  I will either still be in Udorn with the Cherd, or somewhere else!  I'll make sure to let you know."

"Thanks for everything!  I love you Mom and Dad!  Please let everyone know that as much as I miss them, I am LOVING my mission!  My testimony has grown SO much!"

"Until next week....."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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