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November 23, 2015

District Conference, a new stake about to be organized and Muay Thai training mark another week preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand for Elder Bundy and Elder Bingham
Elder Jesse Bundy and Elder Bingham in Bangkok

Elder Jesse Bundy excited about teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Bangkok, "......I am really loving the mission….The area I’m in is the Bangkok West District and we are way close to becoming a stake!.......There is a huge focus on this area, especially because we will have the stake center in our area.  This last week, we have had a lot of visits from President Johnson and the AP’s.  In fact, we actually had our district conferences...... It was way cool!  President Johnson is the best!"
Elder Jesse Bundy with Elder Wright, who is now an Assistant to the President.  Elder Wright was Elder Bundy's trainer when he first entered Thailand.

He goes on to tell about their investigators and his personal studies, "......Elder Bingham and I are just grinding hard every day looking for more investigators... the Brother and Sister can’t get baptized until their parents see the importance of it and give permission, even though they are 22 and 24 years old.   But it’s all good.  We will win them over.  They will come around."
A determined Elder Bingham and Elder Jesse Bundy
"In my personal studies, I’m almost done with the Teachings of the Prophets: Joseph Smith.  I’ve also been reading a paperback Book of Mormon, marking every reference, characteristic, and quotation of Jesus Christ.  It’s just been so cool to see that every single page preaches about Jesus Christ....."
Elder Bundy in front of the window in Elder Bingham's father's suite looking out over Bangkok

Elder Bingham's dad was in Bangkok on business and had received permission to visit with Elder Bingham and Elder Bundy on their P-Day.  Jesse writes, "Wow mom!  Visiting Elder Bingham’s dad was a blast!!  We went to downtown Bangkok and met him in the nicest, most expensive hotel in Thailand!!  He treated us to a 5 star REAL steak and potato dinner and a REAL cheese sandwich!  He then let us go up to his SUITE and chill and hang out!  It was soooo cool!  The view was nuts!!  Then we got to take showers!!!!  It was heaven!  The water actually worked!!  It was so crazy good!!....lol…mom, you know how I love my showers!!.....I couldn’t stop thanking him.….It was just a waaayyyy cool experience all the way around!  I feel so lucky…."
Another view of Bangkok from the hotel they visited

"Please tell dad that I really love him and that I look up to you guys soooooo much!  Tell him I tell a lot of stories about him here.  I tell a lot of the stories he told me growing up and I use him in my teaching of investigators all the time.….I never knew all those stories he told me my whole life would be so useful."

Elder Bundy goes on to report on P-Day and day to day life as a missionary.  He writes, "We found a pretty nice place to e-mail this week!  Later, Bingham and I get to have a cheat meal and we are way pumped!....lol…. We’ve been strictly following that really healthy diet for people who work out like we do that you sent last week.  Our Muy Thai training is amping up and has been kicking our butts!"
Elder Bingham, their trainer and Elder Bundy
Elder Bingham and Elder Bundy ready to spar

He goes on, "We get to go eat pizza, or the Thai version of it, clean the apartment, and then sleeeeeeep.  Don’t worry mom, I’ve been eating just really, really healthy stuff all week, then taking one day a week off to eat anything I want, but I am eating a ton, just healthy!  It’s just mostly vegetables and some meat and rice.  We have been getting up at 5:10 a.m. evvaaa day!......Anyway, we are destroyed!!!!"
Elder Bundy with working with his trainer during training 
Elder Bundy signs off with, "Hey…..can you tell the everyone I said HAPPY THANKS GIVING AND I MISS THEM ALL!  I especially miss you and dad, mom.. it’s been like 3 years since I’ve really tasted your delicious Thanksgiving dinner because of wrestling!  I dream about it sometimes….lol…anyway, know that I love you guys and I’ll see your faces on Christmas!!  Well, I’ll talk to you next week and yes, among other things, they worship zebras….."


Elder Jesse Bundy


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