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November 1, 2015

Elder Jesse Bundy receives letters from his favorite little people, his nieces and nephews and attends a Thai Halloween party.
Elder Bundy displays cards and letters from home.

Elder Jesse Bundy shows off receiving mail and updates from home.  He writes,  Awesome!  Holton, Jace and Alex wrecked at their swim meet! Wow!! I’m way impressed!  And.....it was wayyy great to hear Jake cheering for them as they swam….getting those letters and cards from the nieces and nephews was pure GOLD!!!  ….seriously, thank you so much!!!  Oh, and Mom!  The envelope you sent got here at the beginning of last week! It was waaayyyyy nice!  Don’t know what I’d do without my mom….I know this is a bit short, but I don’t have a BUNCH of time today because we are going to an elephant/alligator show.  I think it should be a lot of fun…..we have been working really hard and skipping the fun for several weeks...."

Elder Bundy went on to describe the work in Thailand and his personal study of this past week.  He writes, "In personal study this week, I've really been trying to memorize and 'ponderize' New Testament scriptures as well as reading in the Teachings of the Prophets: Joseph Smith.  And, of course, I read daily out of the Book of Mormon everyday."   "

Elder Jesse Bundy helping clean up after discovering a leak in the church ceiling.

He goes on, "....there are now only 4 Elders in our apartment.....two Elders in our group were called to open up a new area.  It is way exciting to see the work move forward like it is here….AND, we have 2 investigators with dates for baptism scheduled for this Sunday! We are helping them gain their own testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ...."

When Elder Jesse Bundy was asked about Halloween in Thailand, he wrote, "It was alright.....just a normal day.. until the church party….i was a bit worried about it, but I think it will be o.k.  Two of our investigators showed up for the party.....It was great for them to meet members and make friends.....they had a really great time…"

Jesse shared a few pictures of the area where he works and what he sees every day while teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Thailand. 
These two little boys reminded Elder Bundy of his own nephews back home. 

Elder Jesse Bundy continues, "WOWWWW! Chelsy's Hunger Games costume is crazy GOOD!!!....lol…..and all the nieces and nephews costumes I saw were just awesome!  Pricer....I LOVED the taco suit!!!!  Oh, and I'm going to send you a flashdrive this week with an SD card with a load a videos!"

When he was asked how his workouts were going, he wrote, "Our muay thai fight training is great!!...lol….The only bad thing with it is that my shins are way bruised from kicking things everyday and, I'm kind of tired from waking up so early everyday.....even so, it's keeping me in shape and I'm learning tons, so that’s wayyyy good."

He ends his letter with, "Well mom, dad and everyone, I gots to go!!  I am really loving my mission!!!  It is a lot of the same thing day in and day out, but I feel like I finally have the hang of things....I feel like I can be a real missionary now…..I am really confident with the language and pretty confident in the culture, but now I feel I am really understanding the gospel in a whole way and my testimony has really, really sunk roots!"

"I love my family!  I love my mom and I love my dad!  the church is true..."

Elder Jesse Bundy

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