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November 15, 2015

Elder Tew gets transferred and Elder Bundy receives a new companion, Elder Bingham
Elder Jesse Bundy & Elder Bingham on PDay

Elder Jesse Bundy has an exceptionally busy week.  He checks in with a short hello and update from Bangkae, Thailand.  He writes, "Well, I’m still in Bangkae!  My new companion’s name is Elder Bingham.  I’m in the same apartment and area, the only thing that changed was my companion.  We don't have any time this week for writing letters because his dad is having lunch and spending several hours with us down in Asoke by the mission office....."  Elder Bundy explained that Elder Bingham's dad has businesses in Thailand and is there to check on them.  

"Anyway…. we have a ton of great investigators and one getting baptized this week.  His name is brother Gaang.  We are working way hard......both of us love getting out and doing the work and preaching the gospel.....Elder Bingham is 21 and is from Newport Beach, California......He has been on the mission for exactly one year tomorrow and has had enough life experience to fit inside of a 60 year old man!  Like seriously……he’s seriously a good guy."

The missionaries in Thailand receive packages from home on transfer days.  Transfers take place once every 6 weeks.  He goes on, ".....I got your package at transfers.  It was Beautiful and contained everything I needed!!!!!  Thank you sooo much!  I mean really……thank you, thank you, thank you........I’ve already eaten the nuts and the vitamins, seasonings, the drink mixes, well, just everything you sent is golden!  They don’t use seasoning here except hot prickly peppers...."

Elder Bundy continues, "Things are just going wayyyyy good!  Elder Bingham is way self-made!  He’s had a crazy life and let's just say, he’s one of the smarter, hardest working people I’ve met!  I think I’ll learn a lot from him......he has an absolutely incredible story of how Heavenly Father pulled him out of a crazy life and got him on his mission…it’s a real crazy story, very inspirational."

"Hey, sooooo, I don’t know, but I want to share a video with you guys….I watch this every day.  It reminds me of watching the Rocky movies with you Mom!  I think everyone will enjoy it.  And don’t worry Mom, it was approved by president Johnson...I am an obedient missionary!" 

"We will get to Skype on Christmas!  I’ll just be at an internet place like usual.  Christmas is no big deal over here.....Well, I’m sorry I don’t have like any pictures from this week... but I’m going to send you guy's a small package this week with video clips in it on an SD card.  I’m so sorry!!  Because we have to get to Asoke to meet Elder Bingham’s dad, I only have 5 minutes on the computer left....  

"I need to go, but know that I’m really doing just great!  I love you guys sooo much, and tell dad that I really miss him, I am really going to miss going hunting with him this week!  I think about him all the time and the things that he has taught me are invaluable…..I look up to him so much!  Tell him that one of my 'why’s' is so that I can become as good of a father as he is…..I love you mom!  I seriously have the best parents ever!!  I’m sorry it has just been so crazy traveling for transfers and stuff......I’ll talk to you guys next week!!!!!!"

I love you,

Elder Jesse Bundy

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