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July 4, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy remains undaunted and positive teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with long days of rain, a nuisance lingering rash and missing his second 4th of July Bundy Reunion back home.
Jesse, looking for a dry spot to eat lunch in Udorn, Thailand.

"Wow!  Even though I am NOT discouraged and STILL am loving my mission, this past week has just plain stunk!  Monday, we had Zone Conference and Tuesday was our P-Day, which totally killed two or our working days.  It just seemed like we couldn't get any momentum going this week in our area and the week was half over!  To make matters worse, it has rained - and I mean POURED down rain since Wednesday!  No one wanted to meet with us in this rain and it just seemed like everyone we called wouldn't answer their phone.....But, this upcoming week is going to turn around BIG TIME!"
A wet Udorn street Jesse went down while working this past week.

"Heavenly Father must have known we were going to have a tough week this week.....lol.   The week before this one, we had the absolute BEST week I have ever had on my mission!  We taught so many lessons and found so many new investigators...  Part of the slow down has been the rain.  Water covers the roads about half an inch!  Because many of the people's houses don't have walls and they work outside, it has been pretty tough..."

"MAAAANNNNN.....My second 4th of July BUNDY FAMILY REUNION away from home!  Even though it really stinks to have to miss them, I am SO thankful I am getting this opportunity to serve my Father in Heaven.  It has NOT been a sacrifice.......I am learning so much!  And, this experience has truly strengthened my testimony......I would say cemented my testimony in knowing that God the Father and Jesus Christ live!  That He hears and answers prayers and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is His Church here upon the earth!  Tell everyone at the reunion how much I miss them, that I hope I am representing them well and I'll see 'em next year..."
Three of Jesse's nephews - Jace, Jonathan and Holton - at the Bundy Reunion where over 800 Bundy's go camping on top of Mount Trumbull, Arizona on the rim of the Grand Canyon every year over the 4th of July weekend to celebrate their love of family, God and the USA!

"Thailand's big celebration like the 4th of July was the big Water Festival I sent you several months ago.  They don't let off colorful fireworks here for ordinary celebrations and such.  In fact, I've only seen colorful fireworks for something other than funerals once since I've been here while I was in Sisaket.  However, they do have these colorful, homemade rocket-like fireworks that the Wat's light off for funerals.  The Thai people believe that when they set these off, they are releasing their loved one's spirit into the sky.  We see these go off all of the time."
This is a driver that gave us a ride last week.  We could NOT get this guy to smile....
Here is Jesse, just chill'n, catching a ride with his bike to work another part of the city.

"Last p-day, we did go to a crocodile farm....it was really cool. Here are several pictures of our visit there....."
This was at the entrance of the farm.
Jesse wrestling with a crocodile.....hahaha....a stuffed one!
"These guys are NUTS!  That crocodile this guy is holding is REAL!  I can't believe how they just hop right in that caged area with these bad boys!" 

"This is just a display case that was at the croc farm we visited."

"The other day, we were visiting some investigators.  Before we left, they showed us their 'homemade' washing machine!  I thought it was pretty ingenious....."

"Today, we will be fixing my bike.....my back tire is all skeeewampus.....lol....I have become an expert bike mechanic since I've been out here.  Then, we are going to find some really good food to eat, clean our apartment and do our shopping.  All in all, not a very exciting day, or week for that matter....hahaha. I truly have had only one not so good week in over 60 weeks of being out here.....so I AM NOT complaining!...lol"

"Tell everyone hello for me and that I love 'em!  Oh ya, that darn rash is still with me.  It is weird....it comes and goes.....then shows up throughout the day.  If it keeps up, I'll go back into the doctor.  I have to go, but I love you guys!!"

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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