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July 17, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy stays in Udorn with Elder Daybell, experiences a miracle and continues biking and inviting others to come unto Christ.
Jesse standing in the parking lot of the Church in Udorn Thailand

"Hi everyone!  I'm doing so good this week!  Transfers were last Thursday and as you can see, Elder Daybell and I are still here.....We didn't teach as many lessons as we wanted to this past week, but it was still a very productive week.  While inviting, we found a couple of investigators who are really interested and have set a baptismal date for the 31st of this month!  Even though we have not had a baptism this transfer, we have helped re-activate three priesthood holders and are working with two families to get them back to church...."
Elder Jesse Buny biking the streets of Udorn Thailand finding investigators and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen..

"....this has been my first transfer without one or more baptisms, which really stinks.  We are going to do what you suggested.....step back and take a look at what else we can do different, or better.  Right now, our main method is finding investigators, teaching them, getting them friends in the branch and then asking them to commit.....we are going to clear out our book and fill it back up.  Don't get me wrong, things are picking up, they just haven't been as fast paced as I have become accustomed to.  Last week, I street contacted a golden couple at the big mall in town and they are progressing extremely well.  They are the ones with a date on the 31st.  Their names are Mesa and his girlfriend, Mien.....Prayers would be greatly appreciated....."
This is inside a recent returned missionary's house, Brother Lamb, and is typical of the homes in this area.

"Along with Mesa and his girlfriend, we also have 3 Chinese speaking investigators.  One of them named Dtuii is the one teaching me Mandarin.  He's teaching me Chinese and we're teaching him the Gospel.  I have learned how to speak basic conversational Chinese, like asking for basic items, where things are, etc.  Learning Thai has really opened my eyes to language learning.....and of course, the gift of tongues cannot be over stated!  I am finding the different asian dialects and languages to have many of the same words and phrases.  So, I believe if I really invested the time, I could learn it in a couple of months.   Teaching our Chinese investigators is really helping me learn as well..."
This is Brother Biu, the branch Mission Leader.  "He is AWESOME and helps us out a lot."

"We have tried working harder on our street contacting and it has kept us teaching constantly....we have also been doing a lot of service projects.  It feels really good to be working hard.....

"AND, right in the middle of what we thought was going to be a bummer of a day Friday, we experienced a miracle!  We have been working with two less active members who work at the government hospital.  We visited with them on Wednesday, had a great discussion and made house appointments with each of them for the following Saturday....

"Friday came around and one by one ALL of our appointments for the day just dropped.....even though it was in the opposite direction of where we were headed, both Daybell and I had a strong impression that we should go back to the hospital and talk with Sister Rung and Brother Udom again.  So.....we did.  When we got there, the hospital was PACKED!  The road and driveway was packed with ambulances, lined up to drop off sick, injured or dying people!  It was very chaotic and sad.....

"As we were walking up the walkway, we were thinking that we had come all this way for no reason thinking they would be way too busy to meet with us.  Just as we reached the door, Sister Rung grabbed us both and instructed us to go over to the next incoming ambulance and help get people from the ambulances and take them into the hospital.  I opened the door of the first one in line just in time to have an incoherent woman throw up all over the ground, including my shoes.....I picked her up, put her in a wheel chair, cleaned her up the best I could and wheeled her into the ER.  As soon as we would take one patient into the hospital, tend to their basic needs and get back out to the driveway, there would be another and another and another.  This continued for over an hour!  When it began to slow down a little, we learned that this particular government hospital is EXTREMELY under staffed on an ongoing basis.  Today, there was an unusual phenomenon of accidents all over the city and they were completely overwhelmed.....

"After all of the regular ambulances had gone, a special ambulance showed up. They opened the doors and in the back was an extremely fancy cradle that looked like some kind of little spaceship!  There was a young nurse giving CPR to what looked like a little doll......it was a tiny baby the size of my left hand!  There was NO staff anywhere to be found.....only me and my companion.   So we lifted the cradle and personally took it all the way into the ICU where the baby could receive proper and timely care.  I don't know who the baby was, or anything about them, I just somehow know that that baby is very special and we were lucky enough to be there to help....."

"Seeing that there were no more ambulances to unload and the hospital was now packed, we were just going to leave and catch up with Sister Rung and Brother Udom later.   Sister Rung caught up with us and said that when she saw how many sick people were pouring into the hospital that morning, she had said a prayer asking God to send help so that they would be able to get everyone into the hospital so they could be helped in time.....then, we showed up just in time!  Sister Rung was back in church this last Sunday and she brought her friend.....It was a CRAZY awesome MIRACLE!"    
Elder Daybell studying in our study room.

"I am still studying the book, 'Jesus the Christ.'  This week, I've really focused on all of the symbolism that is used in examples in the scriptures when Jesus is mentioned.  It is really deepening my understanding of just how important faith, repentance, baptism, all  of the covenants we make, the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end is in our lives every single day and how unhappy we would be without all of those principles.....I gave a talk in church yesterday about the atonement, then I taught 2nd hour about repentance and the 3rd hour, I taught in priesthood about how important it is to be worthy when we go the temple.  I am learning that the more I bear testimony of the gospel and these principles, the more solid my knowledge becomes and my testimony grows!" 

"I got my new suit a little while ago and it fits sooooo good.  It even has my name sewn in it...J. Abraham Bundy 1....It's just a little bit too light to wear to conferences, etc., but I'll probably wear it next Sunday to Church and send you a picture."
The Church building where Jesse attends church in Udorn

The rain last week left many areas of Udorn a little flooded.

"My knee is doing GREAT!  I've been exercising and have had no problems with it....a real miracle.  The rash on my legs....not so much.  It is still there and getting worse!  It's like these patchy red spots on the top of my skin.  It's on both legs from my ankles to the top of my knees, a little on my under forearm, right armpit and just a little tiny bit on my neck.  My blood tests came back all good.  They gave me some medication and some cream, but it just hasn't worked very well.  I went to the Branch President's pharmacy by our house and they gave me some over the counter stuff that I think is working a bit better.  Thankfully, it doesn't itch or anything.  I promise I'll pay more attention to it this week, take the medicine and apply the cream, etc.  We'll see.....it might just be some kind of hives or something like it because it goes away then comes back sometimes.  But really!  I am fine and you don't need to worry about it.....not yet....lolol"

"Today we are just going to do our usual P-Day chores....nothing exciting sadly....lol...because we are going to Bangkok for our Mission Leadership Conference this week and have to make sure we have everything ready....I love you guys!!  I miss you...Talk to you next week."

Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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