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July 24, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy wishes his best friend back home, Jacob Boyd a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and enjoys a week packed with teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Udorn Thailand.
One of our favorite families we enjoy teaching and visiting with.   The mom, who is sitting by me, is Chinese.  She is doing her best to help me learn the Chinese language.

"FIRST, Happy Birthday Jacob Boyd!!!  I hope you have a GREAT one!  Second, I'm need to apologize...I have like NO time this week, so this is going to be the shortest letter ever.....lol!  But I promise next week to do better!" 
Jesse with Jacob Boyd, Senior year in High School
Gallatin High School football flashback:  #77, Jesse, and #6, Jacob, Sr. year

"Things are really starting to pick up....we are extremely busy.  We have re-doubled our efforts and it is paying off.  We have been working with less active members trying to help them get back to Church.  The mother of one of those families name is Seang and she is Chinese.  She helps me out a lot in trying to learn Chinese and I really enjoy teaching them......It's crazy that we now have 3 Chinese investigators all of a sudden.....it's GREAT!"
Elder Jesse Bundy posing with a sculpture in town.

"We have several investigators with baptismal dates, but sadly are either struggling with worthiness issues, or can't seem to make it to Church.....but are still progressing.  We have cleared out our book and have filled it with new contacts and renewed optimism and faith.....things are really starting to move forward.....

It was SO beautiful outside early this morning!

"In my personal studies, I am still finishing 'Jesus the Christ.'  I am SO pumped about all I have learned while reading this book and comparing it with the Book of Mormon and the Bible!  All I can say is, the CHURCH IS TRUE and I am so thankful for my membership in it!  Everything we need to learn of God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ and all about the great Plan of Salvation is at our fingertips.  I feel very lucky......

"Ohhhh, before I forget to give you an update on my rash.  It is still spreading a little and not going away no matter what I do, or they give me to put on it....so, I went back to the hospital this morning.  They gave me some different meds and a different cream to put on it.  The doctor said that if I do the meds exactly like instructed, it should clear up within 2 days.  I am very hopeful he knows what he's talking about.  We'll see.....I'll keep you posted...

".....again, I'm sorry this is so short, but in summary, I'm doing GREAT, the work here is really picking up and I am LOVING every second of my mission!  I really miss you guys and all of my family.  Tell everyone I love them.....I promise next week's letter will be more substantive.....hahahaha."


Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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