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July 31, 2016

Elder Jesse Bundy's week full of working with new missionaries, teaching the gospel, mission trainings and a large service project ends with a fun day hiking in the mountains and cooling off at a beautiful waterfall.
"While things are picking up...this week was just, okay.   I know we can push it a little harder....Last Tuesday, we went to an area called Sakonakorn and did mission training with the missionaries there.  It went really well and I enjoyed it.  One of the missionaries is a 'greenie' who followed college wrestling religiously before his mission...haha...so we are buddies.  On Wednesday, Elder Daybell and I did a huge service project.  Last week during those major storms we had, it knocked down a member's restaurant.  We bought some metal and rented a welder.  Needless to say, Daybell and I have very limited to no experience in this area, but let me tell you what.....we rebuilt that restaurant....it's NOT pretty, but she is standing straight and strong now....hahaha!"
Elder Jesse Bundy, Elder Daybell with other missionaries enjoy a beautiful waterfall after a mountain hike near Udorn Thailand.

"Friday, we worked in Khon Kean, helping the District Leader out and doing switch offs with the elders there.....It went well and we had a good time working that area with them.  On Saturday, a family invited us to their house to eat lunch along with their friends.  We were excited for the referral....the only thing is that the referral is just 9 years old..."

"Sunday, we were blessed with a huge miracle when two of our new investigators showed up at church!  We had an amazing experience teaching them a lesson...the spirit was SO strong and we were able to commit them both for dates on the 14th.."

"I am pressed for time, AGAIN.....we got up early this morning and went for a hike in the mountains....it was really beautiful...and then we ended up at some breathtaking waterfalls!  This country is really beautiful....."
A picture Jesse took while they were hiking to the waterfalls.

"As to our companionship injuries for this week...hahaha!  My rash is still with me, but I do think it is improving....it hasn't gotten any worse, it now is just a little red.  It doesn't itch or really bother me. I could do much better in religiously applying the medicine and spray like I have been told...it might even be gone by now.  I will do better this week.  AND, last Monday, Elder Daybell ran into an ice cream cart and hurt his wrist!  So we have to get him to the hospital for a check up in like 7 minutes, so I am going to have to say goodbye for this week..."

"I have my statement and stuff you need for my college apps. I'll get those to you next week.  All in all, it's been a GREAT week and I am doing great....rash and all...I really, really am loving my mission!  Tell everyone hello for me and how much I love 'em and miss 'em.  I forgot to tell Roxy and Calista HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Tell them I love 'em!!"


Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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