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March 29, 2015

Everything is going great!  Not really what I expected at all, actually!  We immediately went straight to the classroom and started learning Thai.  I don't think I've learned so much of something in my whole life in such a small amount of time! By the second day, we had to teach investigators solely in Thai!  It was crazy!  By Saturday, we were teaching 35 minute lessons!  I get a lot of headaches by the end of the day, because we just learn so much!  I really can't hold a solid conversation yet, but I can sure teach you about the gospel of Jesus Christ. LOL.  

I'm really surprised about how similar these missionaries' personalities are to the personalities of my friends back home.  I really am having a lot of fun here.  Sunday, we had devotionals basically all day, and we were able to watch,  "Meet the Mormons," which was really good.   

I am actually just getting back from the temple.  We did a session this morning and it was a cool experience.   There are 6 Thai Missionaries in my district and a bunch of Thai Missionaries in my zone, but, they are about to leave for Thailand.   So, once they leave, us 6 Thai Missionaries will be the only missionaries going to southeast Asia in the whole MTC.   

Elder Quinn is my companion.  He's pretty cool.  He knows a lot about the scriptures.   We also have an Elder from Australia in our district.  We have like the same personality and we make fun of each other's accents all the time.  

I love and miss you guys! The Food is Great, but I've been slacking on my pushups.  I'll get into a routine this week.   Tell everyone to send Dear Elders on dearelder.com!  I get those throughout the week and they are a lot easier than reading the emails!  

Now for pictures:

This first picture is my friend Elder Dickey (on the left taking a picture) and the Ausie (on the right posing). LOL 

This is me and my companion, Elder Quinn.

This is my zone and all the THAI Missionaries at the MTC right now.   All but 6 of us are 
leaving for Thailand in a couple weeks.

This is another of my zone and all 
of the Thai bound missionaries.

This one is of my District and the 6 of us that will be left after the others depart for Thailand.
Thank you for everything!! I love you both, Mom and Dad!!  I'll try and be better next week!!! 


Elder Jesse A. Bundy

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